Online Asthi Visarjan

Online Asthi Visarjan is an easy and simple method of attaining salvation for people who die outside Kashi or even India. This service is for those people who want that cremated remains of their ancestors or any departed family member should immerse in Ganga at Kashi but they can’t reach Kashi due to their busy schedule or any other reason. For Asthi visarjan in Ganga at Kashi kindly collect the small amount of cremated remains (Asthi/Ashes) of deceased person and put it in cotton cloth or paper bag, wrap it in plastic box and mail it to the given address. Asthi of departed soul will be immersed in river Ganga at Ghat of Kashi in accordance with all Vedic procedures by Purohits and pundits of Kashi Tirth. Video or photographs of same will be mailed to you if you want it for your satisfaction. Please write the following details on white paper and send it along with Asthi of deceased person on the given mailing address.

These details will be required during Asthi visarjan procedure:

  • Full Name and Gotra of Departed Soul
  • Name of father and grandfather if departed soul was male,
  • Name of mother in law and great mother in law if departed soul was married female
  • Name of mother and grandmother if departed soul was unmarried female
  • Age at which She/he Died
  • Date and Time of death
  • Name of family member on whose behalf Pooja is to be performed and relation with deceased person.