What is Shradh or Death Anniversary in Hindu Religion in India

About Shraadh or Death Anniversary in Hinduism

The work done with devotion (shraadh) is known as shraadh. There is also a sunray called as shraadh which rises at noon and provides elements essential for life to human beings and living beings conduct jaap, pooja (worship), anushthan, shraadh etc.. to provide power to that sunray. That's why there is the tradition of conducting Shraadh in afternoon. Therefore as various necessities are required for survival similarly shraadh is essential for satisfaction of ancestors (pitra).Ancestors being satisfied by the Shraadh ceremony , bestows their blessings on their heirs in forms of happiness and propriety.

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In Indian Hindu culture three kinds of Shraadh has been described.

They are three kinds of Shradh in Hindu Religion performed to get rid of PITRA RIN, DEV RIN and RISHI RIN. It is considered that we have taken loans from our Gods, parents and Sages (teachers) throughout our life that’s why we have to repay that is done by them for us. These three RIN or LOANS are same as mentioned.

Three kinds of Shradh in Hinduism are as follows:

Different time and procedure has been determined for the human being to get relief from all the above stated RINS or loans.

But in modern scientific era ,due to polluted contemplations ,the human being are getting far away from all these activities which leads to various adverse consequences in form of pain ,sorrow, failures and suffering in our lives. Though pooja,vrat (fasting)etc. human being satisfies the Dev Rin. PITRIRIN are satisfied though Shraadh only. Hence, these ceremonies must be performed to acknowledge the contributions of our ancestors in life.

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