Shanti Karma Rituals in India

Shanti Karma Rituals

Whole Universe is made up of 5 elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. These elements maintain balance. Nature struggles constantly to maintain balance. This is Law of Nature.Human body is also made of 5 elements: Earth element (Bones and Muscles), Water element (Blood), Air element (Breath), Fire element (Heat), and Space element (Emptiness within). If any one element is taken out, body would collapse. There are various energies in the body like, Bio-energy, magnetic energy, electrical energy, mechanical energy, chemical energy. These energies run the body. These are called VITAL FORCE or PRAN SHAKTI. Any imbalance in the five elements brings imbalance in the Pran Shakti or vital force.

Types of Shanti Karma Rituals