About Pind Daan or Post Death Ceremony Ritual in Hindu Religion - Hindu Last Rites in India

About Pind Daan or Post Death Ceremony in Hindu Religion

Pind Daan is the Hindu belief that after the death, soul of human being still remain in this materialistic world. Just because of the loss of body (due to death) someone cannot detach himself / herself from this world. The pull of Love, kindness, affection for his / her family, friends, relatives etc. and the affinity for the materialistic world prevent him to go for the extreme and ultimate departure. As a result, being a bodiless state that man (without body) gets pain. He wants to do many things but cannot. They cannot or even do not want to make themselves free from this materialistic world. 'PINDA DAAN' according to Hindu Belief Gives them an ultimate relief and paves the way for their departure to the ultimate world of Peace. Pind Daan is considered to be a mandatory rite believed to bring salvation to the departed souls. An obligation of all Devout Hindus.

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Traditions and rituals of Hindu Last Rites in India

Hindu religion has unique and complex rituals related to last rites. Last rites rituals in Hindu Religion are almost same throughout the Indian sub-continent. Pind Daan is one of the most important Hindu Last rites. Pind daan is considered as a way to salvation as Hindu Philosophy believes in existence of soul post death. So, performing Post death ceremony in India is considered a must to do obligation for every Hindu son for his ancestors. Some of the places are considered sacred for performing post death last rites among Hindus.

Important cities in India for Post Death last rites Ritualsin Indiaor best places for Pind Daan in India are Varanasi,Haridwar, Badrinath, Kuruksetra, Ayodhya, Avantika, Mathura, Siddhpur, Pushkar and Dwarka.

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