Is it Important to do Pind Daan-myths about Death Rituals in Hinduism in India

Is it Important to do Pind Daan?

Indeed as per Vedas no work can be performed or taken to the heights of success without the blessings of ancestors and Pind Dan is the only religious and spiritual way to help the restless deceased souls come to peace.

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How I’ll benefit from Pind Daan (Post Death Ritual)?

It is said that all obstacles in life are smoothened once you perform Pind Daan ritual for your parents or ancestors. There are sudden and quick positive changes observed in life. According to our clients they have observed improvement.

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Where I can perform Pind-Daan (Post Death Ritual)?

You can perform Pind Daan on the Bank of the Holy River “Ganges” anywhere in India. But scriptures mention that one should perform pind daan only at the places where 3 things are existing i.e. Vat Vriksha or Banyan/Peepal Tree, Lord Vishnu and River. So according to this tradition mostly people perform pind-daan at Gaya-Bihar, Varanasi/Kashi and Allahabad-Triveni Sangam.

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What you need for Pind-Daan (Post Death Ritual)??

The following information is required for offering Pind Daan -
  • The complete Name and Address of the person for whom you want to offer Pind Daan.
  • Your relationship with him.
  • At what age He / She died.
  • How many years or months or days back He or She died.
  • Reason of Death
  • Approximate Time of Death (in A.M. or in P.M.).
  • Place of Death
  • Scanned or Hard Copy of his or her Photograph (Optional)

What is the credibility that your site will perform the rituals on my behalf?

complete video coverage and photographs of the event will be provided to you. (Chargeable)

Following things Read care:-

After doing this pind daan puja, we will not give you 100% guarantee for doing everything success in your life. Its all are depends upon your performance and hard work. We’ll not responsible for your good and bad life.