Cow Donation or Baitarni Cow Daan while doing Pind daan (Death Rituals)

Cow Donation or Baitarni Cow Daan while doing Pind daan (Death Rituals)

'Baitarni Cow Daan’ means Gau Daan. ‘Gau’ means cow and daan means donation. Cow has a great importance in Hindu religion. Since times cows have been donated by kings and other people to Brahmins andpriests. Although it can be donated any time, but it is believed that at least one cow must be donated in one man’s life-time. The benefits of donating a cow as mentioned in Vedas are simply endless.

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Gau Dann (Cow Donation)

Starts with 5000/- for 1 cow to one Brahmin.

Why cows are donated in Hindu Religion

Cows are donated from earliest Hindu civilization. It is believed that cows are pious creatures. So, hanging on the tail of cow could lead to safe passage of River Baitarni that flows in hell.

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Root of Practice of Cow donation among Hindus in India

The practice of donating cow is prevalent in Hindu Religion from Rigvedic periods as cow was the only source of wealth for all people equally in Aryan Age.

It is said that the Sun, Moon, Varuna, Agni, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, salute the person who donates cow benevolently.

The Brahmin represents the head of the Virat Purush or cosmic soul. It is said that Brahmins have taken birth from the mouth of Brahmaji. A Brahmin is knowledgeable about scriptures and the vedic texts. Secondly he is referred as the God of the Earth i.e. Bhudev. Unless the Brahmin invokes the Gods through inchantations the God cannot come and consume the oblations offered. Because of these reasons it is best to donate to Brahmins.

Really quaint practice is 'go-daan'. According to popular Hindu belief one needs to cross the river 'Baitarani' to reach heaven. A sure way to do so is to gift a 'Brahmin' a cow- an act of supreme piety.

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