Triveni Sangam -Pind Daan (Death Rituals) Places in Allahabad

According to Hindu Mythology when Deva & Asura churned Ocean they got Amrita (Nectar). Deva tried to grab whole of it by transporting it to another place. In the process, some drops of Nectar fell at 4 Places of India (Allahabad , Haridwar , Nashik & Ujjain ).

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Hence, Allahabad is considered “The place of Immortality and Eternal Peace” for which every Hindu desire. So, it is most important “Pind Daan Destinations in India. ” Pilgrims in large numbers arrive here during Pitri Paksha (Shraddh) Month for Pind Daan , Shraddh , Pitri Dosh Nivarana and many more Death Rituals.

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