Contact us for Pind daan (death rituals) Shradh (death anniversary rituals) and Asthi Visarjan (Ashes Immersion)

Pind Daan(Death Rituals), Shradh(Death Annivesary Ritual) and Asthi Visarjan is one of the most important obligations for every Hindu whose family members have departed from this world.

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Millions of people are unaware of these ritual practices. So, Holy Voyages offers best cost pinddaan Shradh and AsthiVisarjan services for best pinddaan places in India like Allahabad , Ayodhya , Varanasi , Gayaji , Haridwar , Nashik , Puskar , Pehowa , Siddhpur , Badrinath and Kedarnath.

How to contact us for Pind dan shradh and asthi visarjan?

  • We have our head-office in Varanasi extending our branches to various other cities like Allahabad and Patna.
  • We offer online services through our online portals.
  • You can contact our office through calls.
  • Mailing usis a feasible option as our representatives are always ready for quick and efficient replies.

We offer customized pind daan packages for different duration like same day pind daan package for porfessionals who have less time, Pind daan packages for 15days in Gayaji Varanasi.

Our services

Our pinddaanshradh and asthivisarjan services also include facilities like hiring a priestfor offering rituals, booking tickets of flights/trains/Volvo Buses.

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For your visit to Varanasi, Gayaji and other cities, Cab transfers, hotel room bookings,providing puja items at the time of ritual and other services.

Our Online Services offer online pinddaan (post death ritual) packages, online shradh (Death anniversary ritual) facilities, online asthi visarjan (Ashes Immersion).

We extend our services to all kind of Death Rituals like pinddaan and shradh (Tripindi Shradh, Naagbali Shradh, Kaalsarp Dosh Nivaran, Narayan Bali), Asthi Visarjan in Ganges), Asthi Visarjan in holy rivers like Falguin Gayaji and much more.

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