Type of Pind Daan in Haridwar-Pind Daan in Haridwar according to kind of death

Hinduism follows elaborate Death Rituals. Pind Daan or Post Death Ritual is one of them. There are many kind of Pind Daan . Especially Hindus perform 3 kind of pind daan according to type of death.

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In Haridwar Pandits Purohits or pandas as perform three types of ceremonies:

  • Worship of the Gods and Devas, including Ganesha and the nine planets.
  • The pitri karmas to honor ancestors and
  • The pret karmas, rituals performed when a recently departed soul is felt to be disturbed and not moving on to higher inner worlds but lingering around the family

All these Karmas or Deva Karma, Pitri Karma and Pret Karma are categorized in 3 classed or Pind Daan categories.

Tripindi Shradh:
Tirpindi Pind Daan is done for people having died unnaturally. This Pind daan helps in removing Pret Badha and removes all difficulties created by the ancestors/family members who died unnaturally. Tripindi is also a provision if for continuous three years there is no offering made to our departed ancestors.

Naranyan Bali Shradh:
The shradh by the name of Narayan Bali is done for satisfying the wandering souls of ancestors and relatives. As an indication, ancestors come in the dreams of their family members. This shradh should also be done by people who have Pitra Dosh In their Kundli or Horoscope.

Naag Bali Shradh:
After death, the souls of the ancestors enter Naag Yoni and take shape of snakes or naags. The indication is coming of snakes in one's dreams. Besides there is also arrangements for Pitri Dosh Nivaran in Haridwar. We offer best pind daan packages for Haridwar.

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