Best tourist places to visit in Gaya Bihar India

Gaya ji is religious place revered in Hinduism as the city of salvation or Moksha. It is believed that one whose last rites and death rituals are performed in Gaya ji their souls liberate instantly and reached to the Lord’s abode.

Besides being a religious place Gaya offers much more to explore. It has many ancient temples. Here you can explore more about Hindu death rituals, beliefs and traditions and is specially found attractive for foreign travellers to the city.

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Here is a list of Best tourist places of Gaya in Bihar

  • Vishnupad Temple is the Holy Pind dan Shrine of Hindu Religion where Hindus pay yearly visit in the month of September for performing death rituals to give them liberation form the cycle of birth and rebirth.
  • Falgu River is the Holy River mentioned and auspicious for Hindu as well as Jain Religions. It is the place finds mention in Ramayana and Jain scriptures as Mahavir Jain enlightened along the same river.
  • Gaya Museum houses lots of ancient artifacts related to Hindu and Buddhist beliefs.
  • China Town
  • Kashyap Niwas
  • Gaya Pind daan Places like Mangla Gauri Temple, Pretshila, Ramshila and Brahmyoni Temple.
  • Barabar Caves in Gaya are the oldest rock-cut caves holy for Buddhist pilgrimage where Buddhist monks once meditated.
  • Dugeshwari Caves and Cave Temple are in Barabar caves. Here is the place of Buddhist pilgrimage. Buddha spent his time at the place before he went for final enlightenment in Bodhgaya.
  • Rajyatna Tree is place of Hindu and Buddhist Pilgrimage
  • Buddhist Monasteries constructed by Chinese , Thai and Nepali governments as symbol to religious harmony.

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