Type of Daan or donation to purohit

Type of Daan or donation to purohit while doing pind daan or death rituals in Hindu Religion in India

It is believed in Hinduism that daan or donation to Lord is one kind of effort to get desires fulfilled. Thus, offerings in the form of (Cows, calf, gold, grains and other material goods) are presented to Brahmin (a suitable person according to Scriptures).

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These donations are offered as per the Vedic Hindu Tradition. Here we mention several important types of daan or donation while performing pind daan or death rituals.

Baitarni Cow Daan :-

Baitarni Cow Daan is one of the most important donations in Hinduism while performing pind daan. In Baitarni Cow daan Cow is donated to Brahmin priest to cross the River Baitarni which flows in Nark or Hell. It is believed that everyone who has committed sins has to cross the River after they reach hell.

Anna Daan :-

Second important donation while doing pind daan is Anna Daan or donation of grain while doing last rites rituals to relieve and satisfy the soul of departed person.

Sejiya Daan :-

Third important donation is Sejiya Daan in which all the used materials by departed souls are donated to the needy or Brahmin.