Why to do Pind Daan-important last rites rituals in Hindu Religion

Why to do Pind Daan or last rites rituals

Hinduism propagates deep rooted beliefs regarding life after death. According to many Hindu scriptures and Vedas soul lives after death and tries to enter into the body even after death to find a dwelling.

Pind Daan is performed to liberate the souls and get them eternal peace. Pind Daan or last rites rituals are performed in a set of steps and many hymns or mantra are enchanted to relieve the souls from mortal remains.

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What is reason behind last rites rituals in India

Belief in after-life and immortality of soul is one of the main reasons why Hindus perform Pind Daan. Pind Daan is considered one of the last rites which Hindus across globe perform to liberate souls of their departed ones as it is believed in Hinduism that every soul longs to live in a body and so it hovers around the body it even after it departs from it.

Pind Daan method in Hinduism is elaborately discussed in many scriptures. Holy cities of India for Pind Daan like Varanasi , Gayaji , Ayodhya , Allahabad , Haridwar are considered best Pind Daan destinations in India to perform last rites ritualsand offer enough space to perform such rituals.

Beliefs related to last rites are equally prevalent in Hindu religion at all places. So, people perform last rites in India at holy cities like Varanasi, Gayaji, Allahabad, Ayodhya, Pushkar and Haridwar.

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