Best Haridwar Pind Daan with Haridwar tourist places in India

Haridwar is one of the India’s most sacred religious cities. Its relation with heavenly bodies, lords and presence of India’s holiest River Ganges makes it revered in Hinduism.

It is one of the 12 holiest places for pind daan or post death rituals in India. People come in large numbers in Haridwar for pind daan. With pind daan most of the people wish to see tourist places of Haridwar as it is home to serene natural beauty, religious shrines, fairs and festivals, temples, ghats and much more.

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So, Holy Voyages offers Haridwar Pind Daan with visit to tourist places of Haridwar in India. It would be a memorable journey in your hectic schedule to visit mesmerizing tourist places, explore natural beauty and meditate along River Ganges on ghats of Haridwar.

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List of Pind daan destinations with tourist places to visit in Haridwar

We offer best haridwar pind daan (post death ritual) tour packages with tourist places to visit in Haridwar. All amenities for pind daan are included like puja arrangements, rituals items, and priest services in Haridwar for pind daan. We also offer hotel booking, other accommodations, ticket bookings for flights, trains, buses and offer private cab services.