About tourist places to visit in Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh India

Allahabad is famous by its ancient name of Prayag. It is believed that Lord Brahma once did a ritual at the place where 3 rivers form confluence. Now this place is called Sangam . It is deeply believed in Hinduism that the many gods and great sages occupied this place in ancient times.

It is the ancient capital of Vatsa Mahajanapadas. The great ruler of Prayag mentioned in vedas was Pururava. Presently Jhunsi in Allahabad is known for ancient sages and hermitage along with being the capital of ancient rulers.

One of the most revered names in Hinduism is of Sage Bharadwaj. He was the great philosopher of his time. It is believed that sage Bharadwaj stayed on the banks of River Ganges and did penance along with teaching his disciples. There exists a Bhardwaj Ashram in his memory in Colonel ganj in Allahabad.

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Another tourist place is of modern times. Alfred national park of British period now named as ChandraShekhar Azad Park which is located in civil lines in Allahabad.

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Chinese traveller Huen Tsang visited Allahabad then known as Prayag and found it densely habited by majority of Hindu Population.

Then, in the reign of Akbar the Great the city was again named as Illahabad meaning habited by Allah. There are several forts, palaces, temples (like famous Hanuman Temple) and ghats along with Sangam the confluence of 3 mighty rivers of Hinduism.

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