Pind Daan destinations of India-Best places for last rites Hindu rituals

Millions of Hindus across India perform last rites rituals or Pind Daan at various destinations.Most often people get themselves in dilemma while doing Pind Daan that where to do Pind Daan or post death rituals in India.So we have made here an effort to help people visiting this site that how to choose best places in India for Pind Daan.

Here is a list of most important places in India for performing last rites rituals.

Most of the people in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar tend to visit Varanasi and Gaya ji for performing last rites rituals. People in Uttarakhand and Northern Uttar Pradesh visit Char dham sites Badrinath and Haridwar in India for pind daan while people near Dwarka, JagannathPuri, Avantika, Ayodhya, Mathura Siddhpur Pushkar and Kurukshetra visit these places as per convenience and their devotion in performing last rites rituals.

Most sacred sites in India for Pind Daan are Varanasi, Gaya Ji, Allahabad, Badrinath, Haridwar, Dwarka and Jagannath Puri.

Thousands of devotees must visit once-in-a-lifetime Varanasi for last rites rituals, Pind Daan, shradh, Asthi Visarjan and other death rituals as Varanasi is considered as eternal place for bliss.