Allahabad City for Asthi Visarjan or Ashes Immersion Allahabad Uttar Pradesh India

Allahabad is the religious center of Hinduism form ancient times. It is the place where most sages have liberated their souls along river Ganga by hard penance. Several scriptures sing the saga of Allahabad and its importance as liberator of souls.

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Triveni Sangam is the best place of performing death rituals according to Hindu religion. Here 3 holiest rivers of Hinduism confluence. Three rivers Ganga also spelt Ganges, Yamuna and the extinct mythological river Saraswati make a confluence at Sangam of Allahabad and called Triveni Sangam.

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People book private vans for cremation and arrive here form different places for ashes immersion . Different modes of transportation are available for the city.

It is believed that those whose ashes are immersed in Allahabad are hailed in abode of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, the chief deities of Hinduism.

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