Why Asthi Visarjan or Ashes Immersion in River Ganga in Varanasi gives salvation

Why to do Asthi Visarjan or Ashes Immersion in Varanasi

Asthi Visarjan or Ashes immersion is holy act of submerging mortal remains of beloved ones in Holy River Ganga at spiritual city Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh State of India. Hinduism believes that human body is composed of 5 basic elements air, earth, water, fire and ether. After death body decomposes and all elements try to mix themselves into their own form through decay. Burning or Antim Samskara helps in this. All body elements like fluids, air, soil comes out and finally some ashes and bones remains. Then these final remains of a person are immersed into River water in Varanasi so that they can get final salvation.
Varanasi is considered so pious because it is believed to be located on trident of Lord Shiva where he stayed and did penance. So, it is considered a celestial city as Lord Shiva himself created it.Immersing ashes are an act of liberating souls into the Lords’ abode.

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Why to immerse ashes in River Ganges in Varanasi

It is believed in Hinduism that river Ganges is a holy river. River is believed to flow in heavens before it descends. So, it is also called a celestial river or Sursari. Hindu scriptures believe that immersion of last mortal remains in river water takes one’s soul in place of Gods.
Many of Vedas describe the significance of River Ganges. This river flows from Himalayas to Northern Indian plains before its final descent in Indian Ocean.
Many cities are located along the River Ganges throughout its stretch. Varanasi is one of these cities. So, people from across the world who believe in Hindu rituals come for salvation of their parents, ancestors, friends and relatives.
Holy Voyages offers its honest services to its clients to help them for their obligation of performing Asthi Visarjan in Varanasi. City is notorious for touts and pandas who take advantage of such situation to make money.

VVIP doing Asthi Visarjan or Ashes Immersion in Varanasi

Most recently we offered our services to great former cricket captain of Australian Cricket team; Steve Waugh who performed it for his friend.