Nearby tourist places to visit in Allahabad Uttar Pradesh India

Allahabad has many famous tourist places very near to it which could be visited in one day. Some of the most important tourist places near Allahabad are mentioned below.

Varanasi is the most important place to visit near Allahabad. It is famous religious center and place of pilgrimage not only for Hindus but also or Buddhism and Jainism. Some of the most important places to visit in Varanasi are temples like Sankat Mochan, kashi Vishwanath Temple, durga temple, kaal bhairava temple, maha mrityunjay temple and Adi Kesava Temple.

Varanasi is also known for its ghats like Assi ghat, Tusli ghat , Dashashwamedh Ghat , cremation ghats like Harishchandra and Manikarnika.

Some of the well-known religious and cultural festivals of Varanasi make it world famous. Ganga Aarti on Assi ghat, Sankat Mochan Sangeet Samaroh is some of the note worthy festivals to be attended in Varanasi.

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Other Important nearby places to Allahabad.

Kaushambi also spelt Koshambi is one of the most important pilgrimages of Buddhism. It is the ancient capital of Vatsa Mahajanapada and ancient town of Hinduism known for many temples and pilgrimage places.

Ayodhya – Famous for Lord Rama Birth Place and disputed Babari Masjid

Sravasti is the place of Buddhist Pilgrimage. Here is the place where Lord Buddha subdued the infuriated elephant. There are several evidences of this episode of Buddha’s Life in Sravasti.

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Lucknow is near Allahabad, once the capital of Nawabs. City has many places to visit like Zoo, Bada Imambara and other places.

Mirzapur is famous for Vindhyachal, a hill town and Hindu pilgrimage known for its Vindhyavasini temple. It is also famous for stone sculpture and granite rock flaking. There are several ancient megalithic places once inhabited by early humans.

Chitrakoot is mentioned in Ramayana. It is the place where Lord Rama stayed during his exile.

Bhadohi is the hub of Textile and Carpet Industry. From here world gets high quality carpets which are especially exported to Western countries.