Different types of Pind Daan or post death ceremony done in Varanasi

Hindu scriptures mention how to do a pind daan in Varanasi based on type of death every soul has faced. Based on the description of Vedas, Puranas and other scriptures we can categorize these pind daan types in many categories like

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Pind daan in Varanasi is done according to these three mentioned methods. Tri Pindi Pind daan is done to perform pind daan of all type of deaths. While Narayan Bali and Naag Bali Pind daan is done for unnatural deaths and deaths from snake bites.

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Pind daan for all unnatural deaths like snake bites, accidents, drowning, fire and suicides are performed at Pisach Mochan in Varanasi

Some of the most important places for pind daan in Varanasi are:

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