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Pind Daan / Shradh(Post death rituals) in Varanasi, Gayaji & Allahabad

We provide all kinds of Pind Daan or post death rituals in Gaya (Shradh in Gaya), Vishnu Pooja covered of 54 vedies in Virahd Shradh by Gayawal Panda (Brahm Kalpit Brahman) Normaly, Shradhis done by two methods (Vidhi)-

  • Parwat Shradh method
  • General Shradh method.

Similarly there are various places in Varanasi(Kashi)& Trivenisangam Allahabad for PindDaan/Sharadh/AsthiVisarjan.

Brahman Bhoj and Gao Dhaan is necessary in both method (Vidhi)

Asthi Visarjan(Ashes Immersion rituals) in Varanasi, Gayaji& Allahabad

Facilities for AsthiVisarjan in major holy places like Varanasi, TriveniSangam Allahabad and Gayaji.

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Railway Ticket Booking

We offer Indian Railway Reservation Ticket to our clients during the Gayaji Tirath Yatra through our trusted IRCTC Agents or directly from Indian Railway counter.

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Airlines Ticket Booking

We offer the discount and cheap Airlines Ticket for all Airlines for any where in world to high class clients through trusted airlines agencies or tour operators.

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Hotel and Dharmshala Booking

We offer the staying arrange in Hotel, Guest House and Dharamshala booking in any area of Gaya and Bodhagaya according rooms availability and tourist budget to our International and National tourists during the Gaya Yatra.

Car and Bus/Coach on Hire

We provide Car and Bus Coach on hire basis for all pilgrims and tourists within Bihar and Jharkhand and local guide for Gaya, Bodhaya&Rajgir. Also, Tour package is available Gaya & Bodhgaya for pilgrims

Tour Guide We also provides Tour Guide in French, Spanish, Russian, German, Thai, Japanese, Tamil, Telugu and other languages registered under Department of Tourism by Government of India in Varanasi, Allahabad, Gaya ji, Ayodhya, Bodhgaya, Nalanda, Khajuraho and other Indian cities.

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