Why to do shradh or death ceremony in Gaya ji Bihar India

There are several legends about shradh or death ceremony in Gaya ji in Bihar state of India. Hindu scriptures describe why to do Pind daan in Gaya ji.

It is believed that there was a demon called Gayasura in ancient times. Not only humans but also deities were terrified of this demon. So, all deities prayed Lord Vishnu, supreme deity of Hinduism to get rid of Gayasura. Then Lord Vishnu killed the demon by trampling him under his feet. Footprints of Lord Vishnu are still present in Vishnu pad temple in Gaya ji in Bihar.

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Who did shradh or death ceremony in Gaya ji Bihar India?

It is believed that Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma along with Lord Rama has performed Shrad of their loved ones in Gaya ji.

Lord Rama performed Shradh of his father Dashratha in Gaya ji. So, a hill named Rama shila exist at the place.

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Hindu beliefs about Shradh or death ceremony in Gaya ji

It is deeply believed in Hinduism that performing Shradh in Gaya ji liberate souls and gives them bliss. So, it is must for every Hindu to do shradh of their ancestors in Gaya ji once in a lifetime.

Belief is to the extent that even those who die unnatural death and their souls remain restless wandering in universe also get liberated after preforming pind daan in Gaya ji in India.

So, millions of Hindu arrive here in the peak season of pitru paksha to do shradh, pind daan or tarpan of their pitra or ancestors.

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