Rituals Pooja  after death due to Corona Virus

Rituals Pooja after death due to Corona Virus

These rituals pooja bring peaces to those living with uncertainty after perhaps being exposed to the virus. Give patience to those who are quarantined and unable to move freely in their communities.

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We are providing online rituals to honor the person who has dead with pandemic virus i.e. covid 19 since the pandemic never recognize the affect of rich and poor people .

Spiritual pooja to disarm fear and uncertainty, use while taking preventative measures, handle social distancing and quarantine, be present with illness, and sustain hope.

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Reason Behind Post Ritual Pendemic Death (Covid -19)

Ritiual activity helps to resolve the problem of the impermanence, decay and inevitable death of beloved one’s and our existence, against any privileges .

By doing this one can remove fears due to death, losing a loved one, isolation, financial problems, and many more problems.

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As the days and months go on, the unknown qualities of the pandemic may be alleviated.

But in the meantime, we need ritiuals pooja to lessen the impact of fear and uncertainty. they can help us deal with the associated stress, accept what we cannot change, and build up our resilience.

Although the physical body dies, the individual soul has no beginning and no end.

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