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10 major donations that can be do in Shraddha Paksha

1. गाय का दान- धार्मिक दृष्टि से गाय का दान सभी दानों में श्रेष्ठ माना जाता है, लेकिन श्राद्ध पक्ष में किया गया, गाय का दान हर सुख और धन-संपत्ति देने वाला माना गया है।
2. तिल का दान- श्राद्ध के हर कर्म में तिल का महत्व है। इसी तरह श्राद्ध में दान की दृष्टि से काले तिलों का दान संकट, विपदाओं से रक्षा करता है।
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ArogyaSetu’s E-Pass might Help You Travel Across India Post Lockdown

AarogyaSetu app from the Government of India is receiving a lot of appreciation across the nation and we might have another reason why you should download the app and sign-up ASAP. The app will soon issue an e-pass to its users, which has a lot of use cases.As of now, the app offers features like self-assessment tests to find if one is infected by COVID-19 and it also has guidelines to maintain social distancing to stay safe. To get the most out of the AarogyaSetu app, make sure to keep the app updated. We have listed several reasons why you should download the AarogyaSetu app.
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Self-Soothing For Coronavirus Pandemic by Rituals

There are also certain methods to improve your immunity which is paramount at this juncture. We provide pujans and grah dosh for the first time to cope with Covid-19 stress. Poojanas and grahdosh will be available online. In this time of anxiety and stress, our Self-Soothing for Coronavirus Pandemic guided poojans and grahdosh poojans can help you learn to soothe yourself.
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Russian women offered pind daan puja in Gaya

Six Russian women offered 'Pind daan' (a Hindu ritual to offer prayers to the departed soul for its peace and salvation), for the salvation of their ancestors at Devghat area located near the famed Vishnupad Temple in this Bihar town where Hindus congregate for the ritual. The pilgrims performed all the rituals for salvation and offered the 'pind daan' in the Falgu river as per the Sanatan Dharma.
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Be safe from an unauthorized 'shastris' (priests) in Varanasi

In a bid to check menace of unauthorized priests in the Historic Kashi Vishwanath Temple (KVT), the divisional commissioner banned entry of 11 such persons in its premises on Wednesday. Their entry passes were also cancelled and they will not be allowed to enter the temple to undertake any religious ritual for devotees. KVT enshrines one of the 12 Joyitirlingas of Lord Shiva and attracts Hindu devotees from across the country, but was besieged by unauthorized 'shastris' (priests) who exploited religious sentiments of people to extract money for years
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Is doing pind daan beneficial without self presence of related family members?

Pind Daan (Shradh, Shraadh) rituals performed without physical presence of the family members. It has same beneficial effects as their personal presence and the family members do get the blessings of the deceased. Further, after conducting the rituals, the positive vibes start flowing back among the family of the dead person.
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Is there any provision in Hindu religion to make own/self Pind daan

There is no such provision to do self pind daan. Only a son or another male relative is authorised to offer pind daan. This type of ceremony is carried out mostly by branhmins in our country and not by all. This is carried out as per the procedures laid down in the books and shastras written by Maha Rishies.
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Gaya – As a Last Homage Point

A place known for its spirituality, Gaya also has historical importance for paying last homage to our ancestors who are no longer with us in physical sense. An important place for conducting last ceremonies, Ramshila is one of the places in Gaya where these ceremonies are conducted.
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Pind Daan For People Having Unnatural Deaths

The spirits of all deceased people who die an unnatural death due to accidents, suicides, murder or getting killed face difficulty in moving over to super natural world as their Atma cannot get Mukti from this materialistic world. All obstacles in life turn into a smooth process by performing Pind Daan rituals with quick positive changes that are observed in life.
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