Best places and Ghats for pind daan (Post Death Ritual) in Haridwar, India

Haridwar is the holy city of India situated along river Ganges. It is situated in foothill region of Himalayas. Its serenity, association with sages of Hinduism, river Ganges , association with Gods it is called the Land of Gods. Pind Daan is one of the most important death rituals in Hinduism that could be performed here.

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Why is Haridwar an important destination for Pind Daan in India

Haridwar is one of the 12 important destination of India for Pind Daan .It is situated along River Ganges who is believed to make on get rid of sins and liberate souls.

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Best Places for pind daan in Haridwar

Here are the best places for Pind daan for Pind Daan in Haridwar.

  • Kushavarta Ghat is the best place for Pind daan in Haridwar. To perform the pind daan in Kushvarta Ghat in Haridwar Holy Voyages offers Pind Daan Packages for Haridwar.
  • Har Ki Pauri is another important location for Pind Daan in Haridwar. People from across India come here for Pind Daan and Shradh or other death rituals.
  • Narayana Shila Temple named so because of thousands of Shila or stone boulders kept at place dedicated to ancestors.
  • Kankhal Sati Ghat is the main site for the immersion of ashes, while Kushavarta is mostly for the pind daan ceremony, Of the several small temples here, the most prominent is Ganga Mata Temple–Sati Ghat, dedicated to the river Goddess

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Pandits Purohits or pandas as perform three types of ceremonies:

  • worship of the Gods and devas, including Ganesha and the nine planets,
  • the pitr karmas to honor ancestors and
  • the pret karmas, rituals performed when a recently departed soul is felt to be disturbed and not moving on to higher inner worlds but lingering around the family.

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