How to reach Varanasi for shradh or death anniversary rituals

Hundreds of pilgrims arrive every day in Varanasi in Pitru Paksha to perform the shraddh or death anniversary ritual according to Hindu religion. Most of the people are unknown to the city and arriving and performing duties become a drawn-out task for most.

So, here we have a guide for new visitors to the city. Here we have presented how you can reach Varanasi from different places of India through different means of transport.

How to reach Varanasi by Bus for shradh or death anniversary rituals

Varanasi is has best transport connectivity with places across India by road. All the roads from northern most point of India to south connect Varanasi with several other cities. You can book private vans, cabs or Volvo buses to arrive here from different places. Uttar Pradesh Transport Corporation and other state transport corporation buses serve the purpose regularly.

How to reach Varanasi by Train for shradh or death anniversary rituals

There are regular services of several high class trains like shatabdi, Rajdhani and duranto which run from different locations of India via Varanasi. Many local trains are good to arrive from cities nearby Varanasi. Varanasi city Railway Station and Varanasi Junction Railway Stations are nearest railway stations.

How to reach Varanasi by Air for shradh or death anniversary rituals

LalbahadurShastri International Airport is the nearest international airport which serves with flights to metropolitan cities of India.

Another best way is via private cab in Varanasi. Click here to get complete information regarding private cab tariff in Varanasi .