Why to do Pind Daan

It is said that all obstacles in life are smoothened once you perform Pind Daan ritual for your parents or ancestors. There are sudden and quick positive changes observed in life. According to our clients they have observed improvement.

We provide all kinds of Pind Daan in Gaya (Shradh in Gaya),Vishnu Pooja and Dosh Nivaran Poojaand covered of 54 vedies in Virahd Shradh by GAYAWAL PANDA(Brahm Kalpit Brahman) Normaly.
Shradh have done in two method (Bidhi) -
1. Parwat Shradh method.
2. General Shradh method.
Brahman Bhoj and Gao Dhaan is necessary in both method (Bidhi).