Maa Rudhra Rituals in India

Maa Rudhra Rituals

Rudra Pooja is an antiquated practice followed in India since time immemorial. 'Rudra' signifies 'Shiva - the Benevolent', ' the Destroyer of Evil'. 'Pooja' implies what is resulting from totality. Through this Pooja one can go for inward harmony and satisfaction. In this Pooja, Lord Shiva is loved in his Rudra shape.

It is hailed by every single Vedic sacred writing as one of the best Poojas to evacuate all shades of malice, to achieve all wants and for all-round flourishing. Sacred writings on Astrology recommend this decidedly as a solution for a few planetary doshas .

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Why do Rudra Pooja?

The world is a play of vitality : negative and positive. When we go to Shiva – the Lord of change - the whole negative vitality around us in type of ailment, melancholy, and misery gets changed into harmony, success and satisfaction. At that point harmony encompasses us in body, brain and soul.

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How is the Pooja Performed?

This Pooja is performed with a gem 'linga'. Every old mantra that is recited gets ingested in materials like curd, drain, ghee, nectar and so forth which are utilized as contributions in the Pooja. It is then offered to Lord Shiva with respect, love and appreciation. Exceptionally prepared Pandits and Veda understudies from the Veda Agama (Vedic school) play out this extraordinary Pooja. The reciting of the mantras is so unadulterated and reflective that it takes one to an alternate plane.