Sat Chandi Yagya Rituals in India

Sat Chandi Yagya Rituals

"The Sat Chandi Yajna is the worship of God as Mother. A yajna is performed to attract the attention of a particular deity, so with Chandi we are calling the Mother and asking for Her help. This depends on our devotion. This is a yajna of bhakti. The yajna area is considered sacred and must be treated with respect and decorum. The Mother knows all our needs and wants, yet we still have to ask Her. It is the mother's job to raise the child and provide for its needs, so make a sankalpa asking the Divine Mother to help with your needs."

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The Sat Chandi Yajnas at Rikhia are conducted for the health, well-being and fulfilment of not only the people of this panchayat, but for the benefit of the whole planet. Sri Swamiji often tells us that God gave him the divine command to serve his neighbours; in our limited minds we usually think of this as his immediate neighbours in Rikhia only. But Sri Swamiji's vision is much bigger and encompasses the entire planet and all its inhabitants.

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"Yajna changes the human psyche - through the fire, the mantras, the invocation of the higher forces, all the ritual aspects. When external ritual becomes internal, then it becomes jnana. Jnana, karma and bhakti are needed for a complete human experience. People suffer when they ignore one of these three. Yajna is a complete process of living a spiritual life. It is belief, action and lifestyle and this has a human and global impact. All yogas are integrated in the process of yajna. You perceive yourself as the offerer and the offering. The external yajna is learning to give, learning how to let go of attachment to what you accumulate - then you can become spiritually free."