Purnima Shraddha or Shraddhi Purnima-Death Anniversary Ritual in Hindu Religion in India

Shraddhi Purnima

Purnima Shraddha is also recognized as Shraddhi Purnima and Proshthapadi Purnima Shraddha (प्रोष्ठपदीपूर्णिमा).

It is accustomed that Shraddha for those who died on Purnima or Full Moon can be performed only on Amavasya Shraddha Date but can’t be performed on Bhadrapad Purnima. Though Bhadrapad Purnima Shraddha falls one day before Pitri Paksha it is not the part of Pitri Paksha.

Customarily, Pitri Paksha starts on the next day of Bhadrapada Purnima Shraddha.

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Bhadrapada Purnima Shraddha, like Pitri Paksha Shraddhas, is Parvan Shraddhas(पार्वणश्राद्ध) and auspicious time to perform either Kutup Muhurt or Rohina Muhurt till Aparahna Kala (Post Meridian) (Post Meridian) gets over. People perform Tarpana at the end of the Shraddha.

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Shradh dates in 2018

Date Day Shradh
24 September Monday Purnima Shraddha
25 September Tuesday Pratipada Shraddha
26 September Wednesday Dwitiya Shraddha
27 September ThursdayTritiya Shraddha
28 September Friday Maha Bharani, Chaturthi Shraddha
29 September SaturdayPanchami Shraddha
30 September SundayShashthi Shraddha
01 October MondaySaptami Shraddha
02 October Tuesday Ashtami Shraddha
03 October WednesdayNavami Shraddha
04 October ThursdayDashami Shraddha
05 October Friday Ekadashi Shraddha
06 October SaturdayMagha Shraddha, Dwadashi Shraddha
07 October SundayTrayodashi Shraddha , Chaturdashi Shraddha
08 October MondaySarva Pitru Amavasya