Is there any provision in Hindu religion to make own/self Pind Daan

It is well known that we get souls liberated after doing their Pind Daan . So, most often we encounter questions “Can we do our own Death rituals or Pind Daan Shradh before death?” The answer is there is no such provision to do self pind daan. Only a son or another male relative is authorized to offer pind daan or post death ritual. This type of ceremony is carried out mostly by brahmins in our country and not by all. This is carried out as per the procedures laid down in the books and shastras written by MahaRishies sages of ancient India. While giving pinddaan one has to perform the ceremony in a particular manner by recalling the dead forefathers’ .i.e. father, grand father and great grand father of the performer.

Many scriptures like Garuna Purana and Atharva Veda along with Manu Smriti explains who should perform the Pind Daan. It clearly mentions that only a son or male heir can perform the last rites of his father, forefathers and other ancestors. A son can do pind daan of his maternal grandparents only on Sarva Pitrii Amavasya of Pitri Paksha or Mahalaya.

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