Assi Sangam Varanasi for Pind Daan (Post Death Ritual) Shradh Asthi Visarjan in India

Significance of Assi Sangam in Varanasi for Pind daan Shradh and Asthi Visarjan

According to Kashi khand, Kashi is a Mukti Kshetra. Long back Yama, Indra and Agni saw the devotees in Kashi engaged in religious activities and they drew boundaries of Kashi. All the above Lords, with a view to destroy Asatya (falsehood) and negative thoughts in the Holy city, created Assi River . Assi has been mentioned as a river once upon a time but now it is virtually a streamlet.

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Legend about Pind daan at Assi Sangam in Varanasi

According to Kashi khand, a devotee who takes bath in Assi Ganga Sangam and performs rituals for his forefathers does a great service of them. By bathing in Assi Ganga Sangam, the devotees get the benefit of taking bath in all sacred teerth.

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Precincts of Assi Sangam in Varanasi

At present Assi Ghat is a very wide area and offers a very beautiful appearance. Many devotees visit this place and it is virtually the only place where four wheelers can take them as near as to Ganga as possible and parking lot is also there.

As per religious importance Assi Ganga Sangam area covers a vast stretch even surpassing the present day Tulsi Ghat. The South Indian pilgrims who undertake Pancha Ghatta Pindam, generally bath near Tulsi Ghat which, as mentioned above, comes under the religious sanction at Assi Ganga Sangam.

Ganga Aarti is being conducted in Assi Ghat also, which is a visual treat.