Gyan Vapi in Varanasi for Pind daan (Post Death Ritual) Shradh (Death Anniversary Ritual) in India

Legend about Gyan Vapi Pind dan

According to Kashi khand one digpal named Eeshan came to Kashi and with his trishul dug a Vapi (well) which came to be known as Gyan Vapi. He then started worshipping Lord Shiva. The water from this Vapi is capable of giving knowledge to the devotees. This well is located near the Gyan Vapi Mosque on the way Vishwanath Temple.

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Kashi Khand has described the power of water from Gyan Vapi. One Princess Kalawati was presented a map of Kashi and when she happened to touch the Gyan Vapi in the map with her finger, she could recollect the events that had occurred in her previous birth.

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Elsewhere Kashi Khand has amply described the good effects of Gyan Vapi water in various chapters. A devotees who takes bath in Gyan Vapi and performs rituals for his forfathers will make them extremely happy and even if they are rotting in hell, they are certain to reach the heaven.

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