Lolark Kund or Lolark Teerth in Varanasi Uttar Pradesh India

Lolark Kund is one of the oldest sacred sites of Varanasi. It is a rectangular tank of 15m height from below the ground level. The word Lolark means 'trembling Sun.' It denotes the wavering image of Lord Surya, the Sun God, in the water of the tank. A flight of steep steps has been built for approaching the tank. Many religious festivals are celebrated here. Thousands of devotees come here during the festival of Lolark Shasthi to worship the Sun God.

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Significance of Lolark Kund in Varanasi

Lolark Kund has been given much importance because of the presence of Lolark Aditya. It is said that taking bath in Lolark teerth now known as Lolark kund or performing religious pooja etc, is regarded very valuable and has many positive effects for the devotees. Many important days are celebrated in Lolark Kund by the devotees.

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Best time to visit Lolark Kund Varanasi

Few of them are the month of Margsirsh, Shukla Paksha Shasthi or Saptami , month of Magha, Shukla Paksha Saptami and many others. Though no regular bath takes place in this holy kund yet huge crowd of people flock here on special days. Devotes come in this kund to worship Lolark Aditya.

On Lolarka Shashti, i.e. on the sixth day of second fortnight in lunar month of Bhadrapada in the month of August- September many devotees throng at the Lolark Kund.

Can a bath in Lolark Kund give one offspring?

Many issueless couples take dip in the holy Lolark Kund early in the morning. Lolark Chhath festival relates to the issueless women. Those women who are deprived of a child take dip on this occasion with a fruit or vegetable. The childless couples leave their wet clothes along with a fruit or vegetable in the pond. They also take the vow not to eat that particular fruit or vegetable lifelong. It is believed by the people that by taking a dip in the holy waters of the kund they will be blessed with a child. Devotees celebrate this Chhath festival with great devotion and reverence.

They also visit the temple of Sun God located in the vicinity of the kund. During this festival ladies usually cook 'Puri' and 'Haluwa' and offer them to Sun God. Pilgrims also come to Lolark Kund after the fulfillment of their wishes. They also perform Mundan Ceremony here.

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