Padodak Teerth on confluence of Varuna and Ganga in Varanasi India

Padodak Teerth

Lord Shiva deputed sixty four Yoginis to create disturbance in Kashi when they did not return. He sent Surya, then Lord Brahma and Lord Vinayak. When these deities did not return, Lord Shiva sent Lord Vishnu to Kashi to accomplish the same mission. Lord Vishnu was very happy with getting such divine instructions from Lord Shiva. He prayed to Lord Shiva and accompanied by Goddess Mahalakshmi, he travelled in his vehicle Garuda and reached Kashi. For going to Kashi one need not wait for a proper muhurat because anytime is good time for this pious task.

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On reaching Kashi , Lord Vishnu saw the entire kshetra with wide eyes. He then went to place where the Holy River Varuna join River Ganga and washed his hand and feet.

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The Place where Lord Vishnu’s Charan (feet) were washed came to be known as PADODAK TEERATH. According to Skanda Puran, Kashi Puran devotees who bathe in Padodak Teerath will be cleaned of all their sins accumulated over seven births including the present life.

A devotee who performs Shradh , does a service for twenty one generations of his forefathers. A devotee who take a holy dip in Padodak Teerath, consumes Padodak water and gives Padodak water to any other person will be blessed by Lord Vishnu.

Devotees are advised by Kashi Khand to take Padodak Teerath in Shankh (sea conch) and perform abhishek of Lord and consume such water. Such devotees will not have any fear of untimely death.

Presently Padodak Teerath is not existent in the form of any river/rivulet or pond. However, there is a Padodak koop (well) situated inside the temple premises of Trilochaneshwar. The water is very pure and clean.

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