Pilpila Teerth near Trilochaneshwar Temple Varanasi India

Kashi Khand, at various places, mentions the important Teerth called as Pilpila Teerth.

During Kashi Khand Days, this Teerth must been very big but now it is existing in the form of a koop (Well).

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Location of Pilpila Teerth in Varanasi

Pilpila koop is located near Trilochaneshwar temple. The compiler visited the place on Akshay Triteeya Day.

Best time to visit Pilpila Teerth in Varanasi

Akshay Tritiya Day is very auspicious day when many people take bath in koop. The compiler took bath with the water drawn from the well and were given to understand that there is huge crowd on the above auspicious day.

On Akshay Triteeya Day, taking bath in Pilpila Teerth and having darshan of Trilochaneshwar and Madhusudan (Vaman Keshav) is considered very auspicious and compiler was lucky enough to go through the pious ritual as mentioned above.

During the other days, the place remains open for about one hour or so and at times it remains closed also.

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