About Pishachmochan Talab or Vimal Teerth-Best places in Varanasi for Pind Daan (Death Ritual)

Pishachmochan Talab or Vimal Teerth

Vimal teerth is an important teerth and nowadays teerth is known as pishachmochan talab and it is the biggest teerth in Varanasi . Devotees take bath in this talab on favorable days in Varanasi to get rid of sins and liberate them from cycle of rebirth.

This talab is mainly for devotees to perform pind daan for the forefathers of their family.

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The important days to perform shradh in vimal teerth

The important days to perform shradh in vimal teerth are 05th September to 19th September every year. So the devotees can perform shardh or Death anniversary ritual between these periods.

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What to do before Pind Daan in Pishachmochan in Varanasi

Before this, devotees have to take bath in pishachmochan talab to perform shradh.

Best time to do Shradh in Vimal Teerth and Pishachmochan in Varanasi

People used to visit this Pishachmochan kund to do shradh here. Visiting this kund is favorable during Magh month of Hindu Calendari.e. between January and February at shukla chaturdasi (Day before Full Moon). This is one day before Amavasya .

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