Varuna Sangam Padodak Teerth in Varanasi India

Varuna is mukti Kshetra according to kashi khand.

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What is Padodak Teerth in Varanasi

Varuna River the place where lord Vishnu’s charan(feet) were washed later it came to be known as padodak teerth . According to Kashi Khand devotees who take bath in Padodak Teerth will clean all their sins accumulated over 7 births, including the present life. So the devotees can take bath in Varuna River to wash their sins.

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Legend of Varuna Sangam Padodak Teerth in Varanasi

In ancient time Yama, Indra and Agni witnessed the devotees in Kashi engaged in religious activities and they drew boundaries for Kashi. All these lords with a view to destroy asatya or falsehood in the holy city. Then they created Varuna River and made it run in the course of each other end of Kashi.

Who can do Varuna Sangam Padodak Teerth

For many years, Pind Daan is performed by the sons of the family, usually eldest one. Basically male relative of the paternal branch of the family.

How to perform Shradh at Padodak Teerth VaranasiHow to perform Shradh at Padodak Teerth Varanasi

Mostly shradh is performed according to the date fixed by the pandits and the purohits. But you can get pandits and purohits available for pind daan on Varuna River easily.

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